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Your daily dose of natural vitamins & plant-based superfoods we simply found on earth.

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Take the best from Nature


PlantCurra selects natural ingredients that are scientifically recognized for there wellness benefits such as plants, fruits, medicinal mushrooms, roots and herbs in from of powder or extract.

It’s Easy to be Healthy


Complete your diet with our plant-based ingredients to complete your vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. A nourished body is a healthy body, boosting your defenses can be as easy as taking two capsules in the morning.

Simply what your body needs

Vital Vitamins

Fruit Extracts

Mushroom Blend


Natural Immunity Booster

$40 for 1-month supply

Our Way to Give Back

Renewable Business Model

We source our ingredients from nature in a renewable manner.

Tree Planted For Every Order

For every order, we fund the planting of a native tree right here in the USA in National Park Forests with the help of the National Forest Foundation.

100% Recyclable

PlantCurra bottles are easy to recycle, we kindly ask that you place your empty bottles in the right container.


Each planted tree will pull out 1 ton of CO2 from the atmosphere over its lifetime.

We can help solve climate change by planting native trees in our forests.