About PlantCurra

A nature-based wellness  brand from San Diego, CA

Quality you can Trust

Our formulation and encapsulation takes place in a state-of-the-art FDA register facility, right here in America. Our manufacturing process follow is GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure quality and consistency of the natural ingredients we use.  

Environmentally Conscious Practices 

Renewable Business Model

We source our ingredients from nature in a renewable manner.

Tree Planted For Every Order

For every order, we fund the planting of a native tree right here in the USA in National Park Forests with the help of the National Forest Foundation.


PlantCurra bottles are easy to recycle, we kindly ask that you place your empty bottles in the right container.

1 product = 1 tree = 1 ton of C02 over its lifetime

A Brand with a Mission

We are donating to the National Forest Foundation to help planting native trees in our forest. 

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  • Natural wellness brand from sunny California 

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